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crushin' on VEGANISM

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Let's talk about LABELS

I love them. Seriously, if I could live my life in a little labeled box, I would.

As I've been going through recovery for my eating disorder, I've been forced to examine all the labels in my life that relate to body image, food, and exercise. So far, it's been a really enlightening process. For example, I've always thought that yoga wasn't intense enough to count as a standalone workout. But now I see that yoga has a place in my life because I like it, and that I shouldn't feel bad if I just do yoga instead of my classic yoga/cardio combo. Stuff like that = life-changing. 


But I've also discovered that some of the labels in my life remain attractive for different reasons, namely veganism. I have been on-again-off-again with it for the past three years, mainly due to the ups and downs of my eating disorder. I love animals more than people most of the time, so I've always been drawn to veganism for its compassionate element. However, I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't attracted to it initially for its promise of thinness. Of course, there are overweight vegans, but the average vegan is much healthier and thinner than the average omnivore. I was hooked when I started seeing results- the thinnest I've ever been (see below) was during my vegan days. So yeah, that was a bit of a triggering experience. 


Here's the thing, though- after really examining my love for the vegan label, I've realized that I love it for so many other reasons. Definitely the save-the-animals aspect of it, but also the way it makes my body feel (ie. happy digestion, clear skin, etc), and the way it promotes peace in my life (prob because I do more yoga when I'm vegan, idk why). So to me, it's not really about restricting- it's about opening oneself up to a variety of new foods that promise to make the world around me a better place, one saved animal at a time. 

All of this to say... Paul and I are doing a 30-day vegan challenge. We're going to stay fully vegan (with NO cheats) for 30 days. I'm hoping I'll be able to carry it out longer, but I'm excited to do my part to save the animals for a month. We started yesterday, and it's going well so far. Wish me luck, everyone! 

veganism isn't so bad if I can eat food like this! 

veganism isn't so bad if I can eat food like this! 


I'll probably share some weekly recaps of the challenge, as well as some vegan cookbook reviews and other such content. So look out for that! In the meantime... stay healthy :)