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how i'm REVAMPING my life

Stacey Oswald2 Comments

Eating disorders are tricky things. 

When I was really busy, AKA all winter, I rarely thought about my old habits- which I'll call "unskillful behaviors," because that's how I was trained to talk about them in DBT. 

I felt (mostly) healthy and happy, and while I was never satisfied with my body, I didn't have much time to dwell on it. But when things slowed down, I didn't know how to cope.


In March, I finished yoga training as well as the online classes I was taking, I finished moving into my new home, and I got admitted to grad school (woot!). I've trained myself this past year to be highly effective in periods of stress, but I had no idea how to deal my this newfound freedom. I was supposed to be enjoying this chill period in life, but instead, all I could do was worry. I found myself depressed and in my pajamas most days, and I started to feel like I was spiraling downwards once again.

Thankfully, I had skills in my back pocket to deal with my negative thoughts, but nonetheless, my unskillful behaviors started to creep their way back into my life. I tried to fight them- I signed up for online classes, threw myself into yoga, and even started writing again. However, I soon found that nothing could distract me from my behaviors. I would need to completely replace them if I wanted to find relief. 

Back in the day, I used Tone It Up to... well... tone things up. It worked really well for me, but it soon became an obsession that I needed to eliminate, especially when I got diagnosed with an eating disorder. However, it's always shown up in my life when I most needed it, and today, it happened again. Their Bikini Series (a summer challenge that they hold online/through Instagram every year) is coming up, and I just knew that I had to do it. More than that, I realized that I had to do something about my life RIGHT now. 


My mom thought up the idea of a Bikini Series Pregame, and I jumped on the chance to design something that I could start immediately. So without further ado, here are the 10 ways I'm revamping my life, starting likeeeee right now. 

1. Create a go-to morning routine. I've always wanted to have a morning routine that actually makes sense to me. I received one through an ayurvedic consultation that I loved, but it consisted of way too many action items, and I never ended up completing all of them. So instead, I'm going to commit to doing 5 steps every morning, because that seems doable enough! They are: 
*Wake up, drink first glass of water, oil pull (I use an oil from Banyan Botanicals). 
*Take Milo for a walk and listen to music. 
*Light candles in yoga room and journal. 
*Deep breathing/meditation/Sun Sals (depending on my energy needs). 
*Do the five TIU daily moves (found in their weekly schedule). 

2. Create a relaxing 30 minute evening routine. The evening is easily the worst part of my day right now. This is typically when I end up engaging in unskillful behaviors, and when I don't, I just sit in front of the TV. Not killing it, to say the least. Here are five steps that I can start implementing into my nighttime routine: 
*Do daily cleaning, if it hasn’t been done already (we follow a cleaning schedule... or at least we will, once I start following through!). 
*Take Milo for a walk- challenge myself to do it without music! 
*Plan for the next day, using my handy dandy planner. 
*Make tea, and do restorative yoga poses (legs up the wall, supta baddha konasana, etc). 
*Read for fun! 

3. Go on a weekly adventure. We have annual passes to Busch Gardens and we live 30 minutes from the beach... so why do I find myself sitting at home all the time??? I have time right now to enjoy where I live, and I'm not going to let it pass me by. The only rule here is that it has to be around 30 minutes away- for example, I am not counting going to my neighborhood pool as an adventure. Though, honestly, it's better than what I'm doing now!


4. Set time aside every day for studying. I just enrolled in a digital marketing course from General Assembly, and I bought a couple fun online courses from Great Courses. So every day, I'm committing myself to spend at least an hour studying- hopefully more! I'm also hoping to venture to coffee shops more to do said studying. 

5. Get 10,000 steps per day (at least). My boyfriend bought me the Fitbit Blaze, and I'm obsessed! I used it while I was in Austin this past weekend, and I dominated the step game, but yesterday, I barely passed 5,000. I'm committing to getting 10,000 every day- which means more walks, more runs, and more time outside! 

6. Do yoga every day. This is pretty easy for me, because I already do yoga every day. But here, I want to challenge myself to create more flows just for fun. Now that I've started teaching, I find myself only practicing the sequences that I plan to teach, and only attending classes to get inspiration for teaching. No more! I want to actually use my yoga room and challenge my creativity. Maybe I'll start posting some of the flows I create on the blog!!! 


7. Drink 8 glasses of water per day- and log in the Fitbit app! I SUCK at drinking water. And I know how important it is, so I'm going to start logging it in the Fitbit app. I figure that if I'm relying on it to count my steps, I can rely on it for my water consumption as well. 

8. Drink a green smoothie every day. I was going to say that I should start every day with a green smoothie, but sometimes, a girl just wants some eggs. That's why I'm allowing myself to drink my green smoothie at any point in the day. For example, today, I'm going to have mine for lunch! Boom. Greens = consumed. 

9. Spend some time every day in the kitchen. I'm so excited about The Great British Baking Project- I'm getting started with it today! But I also want to challenge myself to cook more dinners and make the process of cooking fun again. So whether it's time for baking or time for cooking, I'm forcing myself to spend time in the kitchen every day. And no- blending my smoothie will not count as time in the kitchen ;) 

10. Make time for activities and routines by using a planner. I know this seems like a lot to fit into a day, but as I've said before, I thrive when I'm busy. As long as I spend time each night planning out the next day, I know that I'll be able to fit this all into my life without a problem. At least most days- sometimes life intervenes, and I'm okay with that. I just want to challenge myself and start enjoying life again! 


That's all folks! I'll make sure to report back every so often and keep you all up to date on my progress. In the meantime, wish me luck, because I'm making Mary Berry's cherry cake today, and I'm hoping it won't completely suck!