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mary berry's CHERRY cake

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First of all... am I crazy, or are "glacรฉ" cherries not a thing in America? 

I've heard of maraschino cherries (obviously), but glacรฉ was a new one for me. Apparently they're the same thing as maraschino cherries, except they're candied in sugar syrup. Honestly, they sounded disgusting to me, and Publix didn't have them, so I went with the always classic maraschino. Also disgusting, but hopefully less sugary. 


I'm glad that this was my first recipe- it was super easy, especially because I didn't receive the abbreviated instructions that the bakers get during the technical challenge. So I kindaaaa cheated, but there's really no way around it when I'm baking my way through the show. Oh well! 

To be honest, I was expecting not to like this cake. As mentioned, I hate maraschino cherries, and the recipe seemed bland and overall pretty boring. But the result was lemony, just sweet enough, light, fluffy, and absolutely delicious. Mary Berry was on point with this one!

I ended up baking the cake for less time than it said in the recipe- more around 30 minutes. I honestly would bake it less if I were to try this recipe again, because mine could be a touch less dry. Also, the recipe doesn't tell you to cream the butter with the sugar first before adding the dry ingredients, but definitely do that if you're making this at home. 


I got a nice distribution of cherries by coating them in flour, so I was stoked about that. Next time, I would also like to give the cake more time to cool before glazing- my glaze ended up getting mostly absorbed into my semi-warm sponge. But I was rushing to get done before teaching a yoga class, and there's only so much a girl can do. 

Below, you can find my version of the recipe, with those little tidbits above added in. You can find the original copy here, via PBS. Stay tuned- my matcha swiss roll is coming up next! 


Mary Berry's Cherry Cake

a handful of maraschino cherries, pitted and quartered
1 cup self-rising flour
3/4 cup unsalted butter, softened
3/4 cup sugar
Zest of 1 lemon
1/4 cup blanched almond flour
3 large eggs
for decoration: 
3/4 cup powdered sugar
Juice of 1 lemon
Flaked almonds
More cherries (I didn't do this) 

1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Grease a bundt tin (any shape is fine) with butter. I used coconut oil spray. No shame in my game.  
2. Prepare your cherries. Rinse cherries in a sieve, then pat dry with paper towels. Toss in flour. 
3. Cream butter with sugar, then add eggs. Slowly add lemon zest and flour, then beat for two minutes until fluffy. Fold in the cherries. 
4. Spoon batter evenly into tin and bake for 25-30 minutes, until golden brown. Leave to cool in the tin for 10 minutes, then allow to cool on a wire rack. Seriously guys, let it cool. This was my mistake. 
5. Mix powdered sugar with lemon juice until no clumps remain. Drizzle over cake and decorate! I didn't feel like putting a ton of almonds or cherries on my cake, so I didn't. You do you! 


PS... don't judge me for my messy kitchen. I can only bake if I'm allowed to leave chaos in my wake ;) Thanks for always cleaning up after me, Paul! 

the GREAT british baking project

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I'm obsessed with The Great British Baking Show. And I'm not afraid to admit it. 

I have spent entire evenings sitting on my couch, completely engrossed with this show. It's easily the most pleasant, joy-inducing program on Netflix, and as someone who loves to bake (or used to, at least), I'm not surprised that it's become a favorite for me.

Back in college, I had dreams of going to culinary school. During my senior year, I got blessed with the opportunity to co-found a macaron business. I loved it, and it taught me so much, but it also turned my passion into a job. As the orders came flying in, I became more and more stressed out about making the perfect fillings for these little French cookies, and I stopped wanting to bake in my free time. 


Before co-founding the business, I baked (and cooked) all the time, completely for fun. It was honestly one of my greatest stress relievers. So when I stopped wanting to bake at all, I lost that outlet, and it made the whole process of making food a lot less enjoyable. I started ordering more takeout, and while I'd have my cooking sprees, it was never the same. 

When my eating disorder got really bad, food became a major source of stress, which led me to stop cooking completely. I knew that even if I tried, I would just end up in an unstoppable binge/purge cycle, and it wasn't worth that pain. All of my cookbooks got dusty on my bookshelf, and the only time my kitchen got use was when my boyfriend cooked for me. 

Now, things are obviously a lot better, but it's taken me a while to get my cooking bug back. Recently, I've found myself in the kitchen a lot more, and I think part of it has to do with The Great British Baking Show. Watching it has helped me remember how much joy I used to find in the process of baking- it was never really about eating the food, at least not at first. It was just about spending time alone in the kitchen, and letting my senses guide my creativity. 


So why am I writing about all of this? I had an interesting thought last week, amidst one of my Netflix binges. What if I cooked my way through the show, just like that one woman cooked her way through Julia Child's cookbook? I want more than anything to rediscover my love of baking, and I know my boyfriend is dying to eat all the amazing food I used to make. 

Pretty much on the spot, I decided to commit myself to baking my way through the show: I'm calling it The Great British Baking Project. Everyone in my family probably thinks I'm crazy, because they know (and I do, too) that it will be hard and time-consuming in moments. But that's the thing- I want a challenge at this point in my life. Grad school doesn't start until the fall, and while I'm working at CAMP as a yoga teacher and a blogger, I have more free time than I feel comfortable with. So I'm ready to work myself a little harder than I'm used to right now, because I'm craving that sense of purpose I get from being busy. 

I'm going to start from Season 1 and work my way through all of the challenges. I'll do an entire episode per week, so next week is "cake week." It consists of a swiss roll, Mary Berry's cherry cake, and miniature British cakes. Unless it's the technical challenge, I'll only use recipes as starting points- I really want to make the recipes my own, just like I used to back in the day. Because I have some experience as a food blogger, I'll photograph the whole baking process, as well as the end result. Hopefully I don't suck! Fingers crossed. 


I'm starting the day I come back from Austin (AKA Tuesday). I'm planning on doing the swiss roll on Wednesday, the cherry cake on Thursday, and the mini cakes on Friday. Paul's dad comes in this weekend, so I don't want to spend a ton of time in the kitchen while he's here. I think he might enjoy walking into a house full of baked goods, though! 

I won't be too hard on myself if I end up falling short on any given week- life happens, and I'm prepared for that. But I am excited to get back into baking (and blogging!) and I hope that y'all will follow my journey! You can find me on Instagram at @cupcakesnkaleshakes- I'll be posting there most regularly. 

So with that... talk to you all soon. Like super soon. 


making SMOO-GURT bowls a thing

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I know we've all heard of breakfast for dinner... but what about breakfast for lunch? If cozying up to some pancakes in the evening is okay, why can't I have a warming bowl of oatmeal in the afternoon without judgment? Seriously, try it.  

The other day, I decided to make a yogurt parfait for lunch, but I wanted to add in some extra nutrients. I tend to feel a lil guilty if I haven't had any vegetables by dinnertime, so I always squeeze them into breakfast via a smoothie or lunch with a salad. Since I'm so used to making green smoothies, I started to wonder if I might be able to use yogurt in place of almond milk and blend the mixture extra thick to make a smoothie bowl of sorts. I was suddenly so excited by this idea that I had to try it right away, even though it was only 11AM. I eat like an old person, it's fine. 


The end result is an amazing hybrid between thick coconut milk yogurt and a creamy green smoothie, so I'm deciding to call it a smoo-gurt bowl! I swear guys, I'm going to make this a thing. 

Read on for the recipe, and let me know in the comments if you try it out! 

Avocado Smoo-gurt Bowl


1/2 avocado
1 cup unsweetened coconut milk yogurt
1 cup spinach
1/2 frozen banana
1 tsp maple syrup
1 scoop vanilla Perfect Fit protein powder
optional toppings: coconut chips, fruit, granola, whatever you want! 

Simply blend all ingredients together and layer with toppings! 
I like to keep things simple :) 


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Paul and I purchased the Tampa CityPASS last weekend at the Florida Aquarium, in the hopes of hitting five major attractions within nine days. The pass is a steal at $99, especially if you can manage to hit all five. But even if you go to only three, like us, you're still getting good bang for your buck. Tickets to Busch Gardens are $79, and the zoo is priced at $27.95, so even if you go to only those two, you're saving money with the CityPASS. Cool, right? 

On the topic of Busch Gardens... DEFINITELY splurge on the Quick Queue passes once you have your admission tickets. They are beyond worth it. Skipping lines is the most gratifying activity in the world, and it allows you to hit all the rides in a shorter period of time. Just don't bother adding on the extra $10 to skip the line for Cobra's Curse (see later section in post regarding this ride). 

The roller coasters at Busch Gardens are INSANE. My favorite is Cheetah Hunt- it accelerates 3 times throughout the course of the ride, and it takes you on a really scenic path through running water and greenery. Plus it's fast, as every roller coaster should be. 

Montu is consistently one of my favorites. Your feet dangle, it does a ton of loops, and it has a long ride time so it's always worth the wait. Can't beat a classic! 

Kumba is consistently rated one of the best roller coasters in the country, for good reason, and it's one of Paul's favorites. It beats you up with lots of quick turns and loops- I always walk off of this one with a slight headache. But worth it if you like big coasters! 

Falcon's Fury is legitimately terrifying. It takes you really really high, flips you sideways so you're looking at the ground (like a falcon- get it???), holds you there for FAR too long, and drops you. I was screaming bloody murder, and I typically don't get scared on roller coasters. So beware, if you're one who gets freaked out easily. 

SheiKra is great, but definitely try to get the front row. It's a ride with an almost 90 degree drop, and you don't get as big of a thrill if your view is blocked by people's heads. Cobra's Curse, BG's newest ride, is cool but not worth the extra $10, as previously stated. It's pretty slow in comparison to the other rides, and it doesn't do all that much. Just speed over there right when the park opens so you can skip the line without the added premium, as it is worth experiencing. 

I loved/hated seeing the animals. Loved because they were super close and extremely beautiful, hated because I despise the idea of putting animals in cages. Are any of y'all torn about zoos? I want to appreciate them for their conservation efforts, but I can never tell if organizations are being honest about their practices. And if I hate Sea World, shouldn't I hate other forms of animal captivity, too? #conflicted

On the topic of food- we happened to go to Busch Gardens the day after embarking on our lil vegan challenge, so it was definitely more difficult to eat there than I anticipated. But we totally made it work! Serengeti Overlook offered a great buffet with several vegan options: potato salad, green salad, quinoa salad, and fruit salad! SALAD FOR DAYSSSS. The chef even came out to walk us through the buffet and point out specifically which items were vegan. I 100% recommend this restaurant- for the food, and its amazing view! 

I already can't wait to go back to Busch Gardens! Howl-O-Scream, anyone? 

PS- If anyone has happened to notice an increased level of photo quality... blame Paul. He's officially the blog photographer, so from here on out, he'll be taking most of the pictures I post. Except food pictures (ie. the ones on my Instagram and even the DSLR ones on the blog), which I will always take. I also do all of my own photo editing. 

road trip RECAP

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I consider myself an expert Yelper, not because of the reviews I leave (truthfully, I don't post many) but because of my ability to weed through the BS and find the best possible restaurants in any location. To be honest, I'd be more uncomfortable without Yelp while traveling than my map app. I'm not sure what that says about me/my priorities, but oh well that's life. 


On my road trip, I found tons of amazing restaurants, workout studios, and activities, courtesy of Yelp and a few particularly helpful travel blogs. I thought I'd share a little road trip recap here, because Charleston is my favorite, Richmond is surprisingly awesome, and St. Augustine was on the Bachelorette this season so now EVERYONE will be going there. You're welcome for the travel forecast. 


Hot Yoga Barre- This actually might be my favorite workout studio to date. It's a gorgeous space, with brick abound and string lights scattered about. Their merchandise wall is lined with S'well bottles (as if I needed another reason to fall in love), and their staff is incredibly friendly. I was running a little behind, and they were extremely patient with me, which definitely isn't always the case. The class itself was SO wonderful- hot and sweaty, with an invigorating combination of true yoga, true barre, and cardio intervals. After two days sitting in a car, HYB was the perfect choice. If I end up going to William and Mary for grad school (which is a super real possibility btw), I'll be making the drive into Richmond often just for this studio! 

Ellwood Thompson's- The selection at this healthy, local grocery store was more expansive than Yelp let on. They had a wide variety of vegan snacks, paleo jerky for Paul, dairy-free ice cream (I ALWAYS check to see if a grocery store carries solid vegan ice creams, even when I can't buy them), and drool-worthy bakery items. Everything a girl could ask for, right? I was a little disappointed by the juice bar- fairly boring smoothies and subpar taste. BUT... still an amazing grocery store. And they have ginger shots! 

CHARLESTON (AKA I have an eating problem) 

Edmund's Oast- Coolest brunch place in Charleston. They have 41 beers on draft, and they make many of their own beers in-house, so if you like a brew with brunch, you'll be beyond pleased. But for those who don't like beer (=me), the food will more than make up for any alcohol envy. Our table's favorites were the pickled shrimp (just trust me), the cornbread with honey butter, and, for a lighter option, the summer fruits. 


 Mira Winery Tasting Room- Mira's wine tasting  was easily the best I've ever experienced- hefty pours, great explanations of the wines, and true quality from start to finish. Sorry Arrington, but I'm a Mira convert. Their Rosรฉ of Syrah is top notch (even the men on the trip loved it), and their Chardonnay is wonderfully oaky. Don't even get me started on their actual Syrah... 

The Ordinary- This trendy seafood restaurant was one of my favorites in Charleston. I only wish I'd had one less cocktail at Prohibition so I could have taken a good picture! Their shellfish tower was a great choice for a party of four, but we equally enjoyed the snapper ceviche and the buratta with grilled peaches and cherry tomatoes. Would 100% come back, probably just for the shellfish, though- I don't think I could afford much more on my student budget. 

Bakehouse Charleston- Their lattes doe. I got a couple while I was in town, but my favorite was probably the cinnamon bun, with s'mores coming in a close second. They offer non-dairy milk as an option, which was awesome for my lactose-sensitive tummy. My family is also very snobby when it comes to key lime pie, but the slice we got from Bakehouse exceeded expectations. The crust was thick, and the pie itself had the perfect level of tartness. I wish Tampa had a place like this! 

Shopping on King Street- I love to shop. So it's not a surprise that I spent the majority of my non-eating time walking around and exploring the amazing shops in Charleston. I got to create my own charm bracelet at Moon & Lola, an adorable store that has a vibe similar to that of I got to sample different flavors of honey, from whipped cinnamon to lavender, at Savannah Bee Company. And best of all, I got to smell countless candles and pick my perfect scent at the candle library at Candlefish. Next time I come to Charleston, I'm totally taking a candle making lesson! 

Huriyali Gardens- Finally, a juice bar. I found this place on my last day, and while it's in the sketchiest neighborhood ever, it's worth the drive. I got the green bowl, which was super filling and delicious. But I couldn't stop myself from sipping my mom's choco-brew smoothie, which had cold brew, cacao, chocolate, banana, and dates. NOMZ. Only other downside- long wait times. So don't come here if you're in a hurry! 

John Rutledge House Inn- Where we stayed while in Charleston, and where I will probably stay every time I come back. The location was very centralized, and the staff was almost alarmingly competent. We were treated like individuals, and every person we came into contact with went out of their way to make our stay better. Plus, the rooms were gorgeous, and they were dog friendly, which I needed for little Milo! 

Hall's Chophouse- I have never had a better dinner experience than the one I had at Hall's. The owners greet you at the door with hugs and smiles, and they treat you like royalty, from start to finish. We got complimentary champagne, because it was my parents' anniversary. Plus, the steaks.... and the lobster mac and cheese......... They even sent me a postcard in the mail, hand-written, thanking me for coming by. If you have a special occasion to celebrate in Charleston, CELEBRATE IT HERE. 

Other places I'd recommend... 
Poogan's Porch (quality Southern food), Bin 152 (amazing wine selection, perfect for a snack/drink before dinner), The Darling (amazing oysters, fun cocktails, great atmosphere), Carmella's (dessert bar from heaven), The Grocery (small plates, slightly healthier/more vegetarian-friendly than other places), Prohibition (swing dancing lessons with a 20's style ambiance and great food/cocktails), The Gin Joint (AMAZING cocktails, fantastic place to go post-dinner) 


Whetstone Chocolates- Cool chocolate shop in St. Augustine that also serves as an activity- they do tours of their factory! We didn't have time to do a tour, but I loved walking around the gift shop. Paul surprised me with a selection of truffles and a sign that says "Actually, chocolate does taste as good as skinny feels." It is displayed prominently in our kitchen! 

Likit- The fact that Dole Whip exists in St. Augustine says enough. This dairy-free soft serve is basically impossible to find, so you can best believe I freaked out when I saw it. And it didn't disappoint, because duh, it's Dole Whip.  

The Kookaburra- Super cute coffee shop with Australian flair. We fell in love with their Aussie Pies, and the Honey Badger coffee drink blew my mind. Of course, I like my coffee sweet, so don't go for their flavored beverages if you prefer yours black. They also offer dairy-free milk! 

The Floridian- Our first dinner in Florida as Florida residents obviously had to be at The Floridian. We loved their healthy dinner options- even their drinks were on the healthy side! I got the Southern Belle Salad, and I would probably get it weekly if I lived by this restaurant. Can't beat shrimp, sweet potatoes, peaches, and pecans!  

Other things to see:
Castillo de San Marcos (don't bother going inside, it's $$ and the outside is just as cool),  Basilica Cathedral (super old Catholic church, amazing architecture and stained glass), Anastasia Island (because it's my name and also because it's beautiful), Flagler College (gorgeous college campus)